Mug Marine Animals

Mengenal dan mencintai keindahan laut Nusantara kini bisa anda lakukan dengan menghadirkan mug atau cangkir keramik cantik berhias fauna laut seperti ikan pari manta, ikan mandarin, gurita, ikan nemo serta fauna laut unik lainnya, di rumah atau kantor anda.

Segera dapatkan dan lengkapi koleksi mug cantik bergambar fauna laut di rumah dan meja kantor anda.

  1. Manta Ray
    The largest known members of the ray famiy. There are 2 known species: Reef Manta & Giant Manta. Every Manta ray has a unique pattern on its underbelly.
  2. Mandarin Fish
    Scientific name : Synchiropus splendidus
    Size: 6 -7 cm in length
    Natural habitat: inshore reef and protected lagoon, 1-18 meters depth
    They are found in Indo-Pacific Ocean including Indonesia to Australia
    Mandarin fish are preying mostly live creatures.
  3. Blue-ringed Octopus
    Scientific name: Hapalochlaena sp.
    Size: 2-20 cm ing length
    Natural habitat: shallow waters of rocky shores
    They are found in Australia, Indonesia, PNG, Philippines & Malaysia
    Blue-ringed Octopus is one of the most venomous animals in ocean.
  4. Jellyfish
    When you move like a jellyfish, rhythm is nothing.
    You go with the flow. 
    You don’t stop. 
    (Jack Johnson)
  5. Clownfish
    “If this is some kind of practical joke, it’s not funny. 
    I’m a clownfish” 
    (Finding Nemo)
  6. Lion Fish
    Ikan Lepu Ayam
    Hidup di terumbu karang
    Memiliki racun pada duri
    Warna tubuhnya merah, putih, coklat, hitam & oranye.
  7. Sea Apple
    Sea apple has dazzling purple, yellow and blue color schemes.
    It is sea cucumber, brainless, spineless marine animals. The vibrant appearance means they have a dangerous toxin.
  8. Puffer Fish
    The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.
    (Jacques Cousteau)
  9. Pygmy Seahorse
    Maximum lenght of 2,4 cm
    They have a short snout and fleshy body and many tubercles.
    Their color and shape are nearly perfectly matches the corals on which it lives.
  10. Green Turtle
    The advice from a sea turtle,
    Swim with the current
    Be a good Navigator
    Stay clam under pressure
    Be well travelled
    Think long term
    Age gracefully
    Spend time at the Beach.
  11. Nudibranch
    The nudibranch come from latin word ‘nudus’ & greek word ‘brankhia’ which mean the exposed gills. There are over 3.000 species of nudibranchs, from very shallow to depth of 2.500 meters.
  12. Ocean Sunfish
    The ocean sunfish is the largest bony fish species
    There are 4 species:
    1. Mola mola or Common Sunfish
    2. Ranzania laevis or Slender Mola
    3. Masterus lanceolutus or Sharp-tailed Mola
    4. Mola ramsayi or Southern Ocean Sunfish
    Ocean sunfish don’t have a tail
    Preferred food are jellyfish.
  13. Orca
    Our task must be to free ourselves
    by widening our circle of
    compassion to embrace
    all living creatures and
    the whole of nature and its beauty.
    (Albert Einstein)

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