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Indonesia is an archipelago located between Indian and Pacific Ocean, in the area known as coral triangle. The archipelago comprises more than 17 thousand of beautiful islands and home of nearly 18% the world’s coral reef. Coral reef is the most valuable of Indonesia marine assets both for fisheries and marine tourism. Here the list of 70 Indonesia magnificent dive sites.

  1. Pos II, Menjangan is one of some dive sites located in Menjangan island, northwest of Bali. The site is just in front of the ranger station named Pos II. Diving offers wall dive with clear water where reef fish such as angel fish, butterfly fish and marine invertebrate dance around the diver. The diving can be arrange from dive operators base in Denpasar. They provide dive tanks and dive master.
  2. Secret bay, Gilimanuk is well known as pioneer muck diving site in Bali. The location is closed with ferry harbor which affect the water visibility. The marine life is unique both body shape and behavior. The octopus, scorpion fish, nudibranch also the banggai cardinal fish can be easily founded by guide from dive master. Water visibility are around 5 meter and the common depth is 5 to 12 meter.
  3. Temple Garden, Pemuteran is a dive site where there were statues on the sandy bottom. On the right time where very little current this site is very good. Only advance diver or higher experience recommended to dive here.
  4. Taman Segara, Tejakula can be reached about 3 hours from Denpasar. It offer the beauty of coral reef. Black sandy bottom and no current most of the time make this site is recommended for all diver. Coral reef is healthy and resilience. It is home for snapper, sweetlips, butterfly fish and colorful marine invertebrate such as nudibranch, flatworm, and coral shrimp.
  5. Wreck USAT Liberty, Tulamben is one of the most popular ship wreck in Indonesia. The location has easy access, you only need 2 minutes by walk from parking area. The marine life and underwater scenery in the USAT Liberty – a 120 meter steel ship which sunk on 1940s is fabulous. The snappers, big eye trevallies, sweetlips, parrot fish, groupers were usually seen during dive. It is also home for many unique marine life such as pygmy sea horse, ghost pipe fish, cleaner shrimp and many color of nudibranches. This location is spectacular for underwater photography both wide angel and macro. This wreck can be visited all the year and time – day and night dive. Diver can stay around the dive site where good accommodation spread around the area.
  6. Seraya Secret, Seraya is just 10 minute before Tulamben if you drive from Denpasar. The diving was easy because you just walk about 15 meter from the beach. The site is the best for muck diving and macro photography. Frog fish, ghost pipe fish, nudibranch and the harlequin shrimp can be easily found here.
  7. Ghost bay, Amed is behind the Uyah Hotel. This site is also location for muck diving especially ghost pipe fish. Sand and some algae are the most type of the bottom and some artificial reef from tire and sunken boat as a home for marine life.
  8. Shark Point, Tepekong is dive site which can be reached by rent jukung or traditional boat or speedboat from Padang Bay. The site has good coral cover and high biodiversity of marine life. There are some white-tip reef shark that can be found rest under the table coral.
  9. Jetty Pertamina is also the dive site that closed from Padang Bay. Colorful softcoral live on the piers of the jetty where small creatures hide from predators. Frog fish, pipe fish, box fish and cuttlefish usually can be spotted here.
  10. Tanjung Jepun is closest dive site from Padang Bay. The site is a gentle slope with bommies coral and softcoral spreading in the bottom. This location rich with nudibranch and other beautiful marine critters.
  11. Blue Corner, Penida is a famous dive site in Lembongan island. Big fish and other marine large fauna often seen by divers in this the current center. Mola mola or oceanic sun fish is the most target for diver around the world who come here during July to September. Whaleshark, thresher shark, bamboo shark, marble ray and manta ray occasionally spotted by divers during their drift dive. The beginner is not recommended to dive here. Blue corner can be reached by speedboat from Sanur, Lembongan, Nusa Dua and Padang Bay as well.
  12. SD, Penida is speedboat base diving. The clear water and healthy make diver miss depth orientation. Coral reef is healthy and reef fish are abundance. Surgeon fish, parrot fish are herbivorous that make the reef is resilience. This is also the location that mola mola swim to the shallow, sometimes they jump to the air.
  13. Toyapakeh, Penida has meaning ‘salty water’ is just in front of Quicksilver pontoon. Dive site is in the strait between Lembongan and Penida island where the current flow from north to south at versa. This site offer beauty coral reef with colorful baslet dancing on the top of reef. It also sighting site for ocean sun fish and many other large fauna such as sharks, rays, and schooling of snappers, unicornfish and fusiliers.
  14. Crystal Bay, Penida is the most famous dive site in Bali especially in Nusa Penida Marine Park. The coral reef is beautiful as their marine life. In June the visitor start increase than other month of year. Water so clear as up welling bring the cold water from Indian Ocean. Ocean sunfish and big fish is the diver’s objective to dive here but other unique marine life is also often swim around the corner. Diver must be aware to the current and good buoyancy is must when dive here.
  15. Manta Point, Penida is southest dive site in Penida where reef manta ray are swimming around on the cleaning station. Divers are coming every month of the year to see giant fish such as manta ray from Sanur, Nusa Dua, Padang Bay and Lembongan. This site has rocky bottom with soft coral and hard coral cover. Parrot fish, groupers, sharks can also be spotted during dive. Occasionally diver can find sea turtles were feeding on algae.
  16. Tower, Penida is a new site in the east of Penida island where we still can see thousands of unicorn and surgeon fish feed the plankton. The healthy reef has good cover of both hard and soft coral.
  17. Shark Point, Gili Trawangan is the most famous dive site in Lombok. The location is in north of Gili Trawangan. The dive site has variety of marine life such green turtle, octopus, bumphead parrot fish, sharks and other reef fish.


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